Chairman's Message

The setting up of such a prestigious campus is like 'dreams come true', for many parents and students and also an epoch making event in the whole history of educational institutions in Karnataka. I am personally of the view that the vital role of a good educational institution is to provide the best training where in, the fullest potentials of each student will meet the finest possibilities. EXPERT is like an incubator where aspirations as well as dreams of parents and their wards have been converted into inspirations and realities respectively. With regard to success we do not believe in short cuts and magics.

I strongly believe that success can be achieved only through hard work- "Shramayeva Jayate", which is our motto. If a student is ready to work hard our conducive plan of action in academics, executed through the congenial intervention of our scholarly and experienced teachers will help young ones believe that "Sky is the limit". Sometimes their efforts may fail, but we will see that they will not fail to make efforts till they attain the targeted result. Let me quote, "If you wish to gain success, do not stare up the steps, step on the stairs"- the stairs of EXPERT - the surest way to success.

Prof. Narendra .L. Nayak