Admission Rules

The application for admission should be signed either by father or mother. In the absence of parents (if not alive) the guardians are permitted. All the necessary certificates should be produced during admission.
  1. Fees once paid will not be refunded on any ground if a student is withdrawn from the college/ hostel or sent out of the hostel at any time before the end of the academic year. This will apply even in cases of expulsion.
  2. Admission will not be sanctioned in the following circumstances.
    • Taking the students to far away places for the medical treatment.
    • Asking of leave for festivals, felicitations, tours, other examinations etc.
    • Requesting to attend marriage functions of relatives, other than ward's own brother's or sister's marriage.
    • Students suffering from severe physical and mental illness such as chronic diseases, heart diseases, epilepsy, bed-wetting, stealing, depression etc.
  3. While taking admission to the hostel, the students are requested to submit the following information to the warden or the deputy warden concerned:
    • If the ward has undergone serious medical treatment already
    • If special attention is required
    • If the treatment is to be continued
    • eye sight
    • hearing problem.
  4. The documents of the previous medical treatment should be handed over to the warden/college office.
  5. Admission to the hostel is given only for one year only. Renewal of admission for the next year will depend on the character and conduct of the student in the previous year.